Hi there. I'm Catgirl, the administrator of this forum. A bit about me, I work part time as a Software Engineer Contractor at a web hosting provider (Universal Layer LLC), as well as a full-time student pursuing a degree in computer science in hopes of learning more about how technology works as well as eventually a full time job.

A bit about me professionally I develop in several programming languages including C#, Ruby, Crystal, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML/CSS. I'm a jill of many trades but my primary focus is in web development. If you're curious about my projects you can follow me on GitHub to see what I'm up to. For those curious as to why I entrust XenForo and ThemeHouse for the forum's functionality and design given programming background it's because I recognize that coding such a solution from scratch is time consuming and won't happen overnight and while I'm still learning and working on my own projects it makes more sense to pay their license fees to have a better forum from the start.

A bit about my interests I enjoy programming both professionally and for fun, I love to learn new things, and like gaming and listening to musicals as well as piano music. Recently I've been playing Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition and it's been fun.

I look forward to meeting everyone who chooses to join this forum :)
Jun 29, 1998 (Age: 22)
United States


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