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  1. catgirl

    First post in 2021

    Sup yeah I need to get back to fixing stuff soon lol
  2. catgirl

    Mobile Games or Console Games

    I'm looking forward to the release of the PlayStation 5, as for Xbox games I have a powerful gaming PC and Microsoft releases their games on both Xbox and PC. Sony doesn't so if I buy a new console it'll probably be the PS5 or who knows if Nintendo releases a Nintendo Switch Pro or something to...
  3. catgirl

    What masks do you wear?

    If you are wearing a mask to avoid catching COVID-19 (Coronavirus) what type of mask are you wearing? I wear an N95 mask and have several KN95 masks as backup. The N95 masks while they filter 95% of particles are a bit more difficult to find and purchase (or you pay between $15 to $50 per mask...
  4. catgirl

    Downloading YouTube Videos as MP4's?

    I use as I don’t like relying on a third party service. That said I have unlimited data and YouTube Premium lets you download stuff so it’s less necessary these days.
  5. catgirl

    Windows Features You Miss!

    I miss the classic Windows XP Wallpaper. I know you can pull it from Google Image and use it that way but it’d be cool to still have it built in.
  6. catgirl

    Areas of interest

    Coding, Gaming, Piano Music, LGBTQIA+🏳️‍🌈 Community, and Beer 😁
  7. catgirl

    Reading devices.

    I use an iPad personally. The drawback is it’s a screen not the “digital ink” provided by the Amazon Kindle. The pros is it’s basically a cell phone so you get data wherever you are as long as you pay for the service and it’s a full computer at the same time.
  8. catgirl

    I made a public GitLab instance

    Idk, I also own the same name as but dotNET.
  9. catgirl

    I made a public GitLab instance

    So I’m not sure who here is interested but I made a public GitLab Server as an alternative to the “Git Giants” and It has a cool domain name and I use it for my personal projects so it’ll stay around for many years to come. You can check it out at
  10. catgirl


    Ads drive me insane. I use uBlock origin on my computers, and AdGuard Pro on iPhone and iPad.
  11. catgirl


    My experience with "wine" has been it barely works.
  12. catgirl

    How fast can you type?

    After some more practice...
  13. catgirl

    Your mobile phone plan

    Haha yes it's totally "free" aka on credit with high interest rates, oh wait that's how my entire setup is paid for 😹
  14. catgirl


    I haven’t streamed before but that might change now that i have a better mic. I might start a daily stream at some point.
  15. catgirl

    PlayStation or XBOX

    I love mine, I’m glad I got it before supply shortages started.
  16. catgirl

    PlayStation or XBOX

    I mean personally I'd say Nintendo Switch but if I had to choose I'd say PlayStation, the reason being aside from a handful of exclusives at launch (which eventually are ported to PC anyways) most Xbox games are available on PC through Steam or the Microsoft Store. PlayStation on the other hand...
  17. catgirl

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions This thread lists the most frequently asked questions we get about the forum and should help you have a greater understanding of Envy Forums, how to use it, and if you need help with a common task. What is Envy Forums and what is it for? Envy Forums is a general...
  18. catgirl

    Hi there

    Hi there
  19. catgirl

    So sleepy but so much work to do

    So sleepy but so much work to do
  20. catgirl

    Untuned joining our Staff Team

    @untuned, previously a member of the 2016 version of EnvyForums will be joining our Staff Team and supporting the operations of Envy Forums. Effective immediately Untuned has Staff and Administrative privileges and is officially part of the team.