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    What masks do you wear?

    my friend made me a mask and sent it to me, it's very nice
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    What is your favorite flavor of Ramen?

    and what would that be
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    Amazon Prime

    i have amazon prime for free because my dad pays for it and we live in the same house also, twitch prime is great
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    Showers or Baths?

    i mean, if i could i'd take a bath but alas the only one we have is upstairs, where it's almost never used
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    I made a public GitLab instance

    og domain name, why has no one else taken it
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    welcome to the forum

    welcome to the forum
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    i block ads because i don't care if the website doesn't get $0.01 for me browsing
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    works for some programs i guess
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    What is your favorite flavor of Ramen?

    never really had ramen before, might try it sometime
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    windows applications are compatible, but they require a program called wine i'd recommend using linux mint as a starting operating system, it's geared more towards beginners
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    i was playing synthwave/lofi, it was called upbeat. i left because real life is more important and i need to sort it out first
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    Your mobile phone plan

    i mean, it was my dad's plan. i feel a contract is nice since you already get a new phone for "free" and just pay it back over time
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    Father’s Day

    no, we don't have trays for that. instead i woke him up and told him breakfast was ready, and it was ready on the table for him
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    PlayStation or XBOX

    nintendo switch is actually pretty nice, especially with games such as mario kart, animal crossing, super smash bros ultimate, and others
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    used to be a radio presenter at an online radio station for a couple weeks
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    i rarely stream on twitch, last thing i played was beat saber i believe
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    sleep, then do work

    sleep, then do work
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    YouTube Premium

    i use a little something called uBlock Origin, works wonders. and the best part, it's free!
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