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  1. GizmoTheSenpai

    What is your favorite flavor of Ramen?

    I honestly prefer chicken over all other flavors. It is superior in every way. IT MUST be the packaged noodles, NOT the cup noodles.
  2. GizmoTheSenpai

    PlayStation or XBOX

    You all knew this question was coming so let’s just settle this now PS >>> XBOX
  3. GizmoTheSenpai

    What’s your favorite season? Why?

    As title says ^^ many favorite season is fall since it’s chilly but not TOO cold it’s like the perfect balance and the leaves are so visually appealing and mmmm all the mosquitoes HIBERNATE did u know that ?
  4. GizmoTheSenpai

    Gizmo’s Introduction

    Hey everyone! My names Gizmo. I turned 18 yesterday so ya boy is big legal now. I hope to meet lots of friendly faces here. Message me! :)