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    Energy Drinks

    RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS RED DDBUULLLLL GIVES ME WIIINGS ~4 red bull 12oz a week ... I have a growing addiction.
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    Areas of interest

    Actually yes! I am going to apply for college soon and i'm going to major in Psychology. I'm not sure when but I'm going to try and go during the fall later this year!
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    Areas of interest

    I’m honestly really interested in mental illness and the physiology behind people and their actions. I find the brain a very interesting and complex machine.
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    What is your favorite flavor of Ramen?

    You can either boil water then put noodles in or you can cook them in the microwave (which is what I do) first, put water in a bowl in the microwave for 3 min, then put the noodles in and put it in there for 3 more minutes, then mix the noodles and add an additional 30 seconds and then drain...
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    What is your favorite flavor of Ramen?

    dude chicken is the best ramen flavor. Beef is alright... You gotta know the RIGHT way to cook the noodles tho
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    What is your favorite flavor of Ramen?

    I honestly prefer chicken over all other flavors. It is superior in every way. IT MUST be the packaged noodles, NOT the cup noodles.
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    I used DuoLingo for the longest with both Spanish and Japanese which is a great app for learning a new language. I used to have a note book where I wrote down a few words and phrases and I tried learning hirigana (one of the three alphabets used in Japanese), which turned out to be harder said...
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    My native tongue is English but I know a bit of Spain Spanish or "proper spanish" which doesn't help me where I live since I live close to Mexico and most of the spanish speakers speak tex-mex here so they have a hard time understanding what I'm saying due to grammar and words being a little...
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    PlayStation or XBOX

    I want a switch for animal crossing. legit that's it nothing else. I miss my villagers :( they probably area all starved to death on my New Leaf game lol
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    Security Cameras

    I live in a trailer house and this girl I have major beef with egged my house so my parents got a ring doorbell camera. It records everything. Even the night I spent outside trippin balls on lsd was recorded :LOL:
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    PlayStation or XBOX

    You all knew this question was coming so let’s just settle this now PS >>> XBOX
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    Untuned joining our Staff Team

    We love untuned <3
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    Sleep is for the healthy
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    Showers or Baths?

    Showers >>>>> Bath period that’s all that needs to be said
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    that’s illegal and you really should sleep more bud lol
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    Waking up

    Oh god it takes me too long to get up in the morning and considering I have a job now I’m just gonna have to FORCE myself out of bed every morning. It takes me a good 30 ish minutes to get up sometimes :rolleyes:
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    I don’t really listen to the radio much anymore since I have all my music on Spotify but I do tune in to today’s hits radio stations because that’s the only station we really have that I kind of like where I live. I only listen to the radio in the car though! I’ve listened to radio stations on...
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    Suggestion forum badges

    I’m from the previous community
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    What do you do for a living?

    Update: I’m not employed at mcdonalds :cool: