Building a PC


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May 29, 2020
Who here has built a PC before? If so, what components did you choose and how much did your order come too? Do you feel building is a cheaper and more efficient way than buying premade devices, outright? Please tell me how you learnt how to build a PC. Was it through practise, teaching yourself or a bit of both?

What learning resources or techniques would you suggest to someone like me? I have never managed to construct a PC myself before nevertheless, I'm always up for a challenge and learning a new skill.
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May 28, 2020
United States
My current system costed around $750 and I built it myself. It is an AMD Ryzen build and I had considerable savings not to mention brand name parts. So many pre-built systems use cheap components that quickly break down. Where as if you're building a system you can purchase the best motherboard, memory, power supply, etc. The YouTube channel LinusTechTips has a lot of good build guides, you could also go on the r/buildapc reddit and check out their recommended build guides. The hardest part for me was wiring my case to the motherboard. The cable pins are really tiny and hard to get right even with special tools to help me. If I could give one piece of advance it's that a few $20 savings are not worth using off-brand parts you get better system performance and a longer lifetime by going brand name.