Community Guidelines

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May 28, 2020
United States
Hi there and welcome to Envy Forums. We are a general discussion community focused on gaming, technology, and coding. This post is a list of guidelines to keep discussions civil and the community safe. This post is not comprehensive, remember to follow the spirit of the rules not the letter, Community Staff Members have full discretion to how rules are enforced.

  • Do not organize, participate in, or encourage the harassment of others.
  • Do not post or promote hate speech in the community.
  • Do not use the service to threaten others.
  • Do not create multiple accounts to evade user blocks.
  • Do not post content related to hacking, cracking, or other unauthorized copies of content (e.g. no piracy).
  • Keep content safe for work.
  • Follow the guidance of Community Staff Members. They’re here to help you and to keep the community safe not to penalize you.

Repeatedly violating these rules may result in your account being warned, or your access to the service temporarily restricted, or permanently revoked.
Not open for further replies.