Do you cook?

Lord Saru

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May 30, 2020
Do you cook yourselves meals?

I prefer to make my own tea and my own breakfast. I wouldnt mind making any other non vegeterian food, but thats only when no one is at my home. can call mine as subsistence cooking.

For breakfast, I usually have bread toast and egg omlette in butter or whatever else is available and glass of fresh juice, usually mango and plum. There is nothing more good than a self made breakfast.


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May 31, 2020
Once in a while. But as I'm still living with my parents, I don't have to cook for myself as often. I don't think I could make any fancy meals but I can make some basics (most of which are breakfast foods).


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May 29, 2020
Pretty much everyday I cook now. Dining out and ordering takeaways is too expensive and is not a sustainable way of eating. Cooking however, is cheaper and making my own meals helps me budget my money better.