How do you commute?


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May 29, 2020
Tell me the mode of transport you use for your journeys, whether this is commuting to and from work/school or simply travelling for leisure activities. Due to COVID -19, unfortunately, I have had no other choice but to put my theory and practical lessons on hold, for the time being, until the global pandemic is over with. I use public buses, as well as cycling, the distance is short.

What about you?


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May 28, 2020
United States
I rely on a mix of car-pooling and ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft to go from place to place. Both work great and it's considerably cheaper than learning to drive and owning a car. Unfortunately I live far out of town so I can't access public transportation in most cases.

Lord Saru

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May 30, 2020
I used to take a train to move between districts. But for daily commutation, I have a car of my own.

I am a person who prefer to walk over any other forms of transport, but the present COVID19 situation has forced me to use my own vehicle rather than to walk.

These days, I find solace in walking in my treadmill.


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May 31, 2020
When I'm going to university, I have a short walk to the London Underground and then I have a short walk at the end to get to my university as well. It's around an hour each way which is quite annoying. I'm learning to drive at the moment as well so hopefully, I can drive to other places soon. I don't think I'll bother to drive to my uni.