How to learn?

Lord Saru

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May 30, 2020
Coding is all about practice but it is also something that we need someone to teach us about. I am very poor when it comes to coding and I always rely in the tutorials to executing something rather than learning it on my own terms.

The issue, atleast for me, was that I did not have anyone telling me.what to learn and in what order. Mostly, the tutorials are randomly arranged and dont cover the basics.

How did you learn.What are the sources? What would you recommend me If I want to learn coding. Mind you, I dont know a thing of it.


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May 31, 2020
A lot of the resources that I have come across have started out at the beginning and are very beginner-friendly. Udacity has some courses that are available for free (if you look for discount codes online). W3Schools is also a great place to get started because they have some great tutorials that are easy to understand


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May 28, 2020
United States
For PHP stuff I'd recommend if you can afford the $25 subscription fee, otherwise use as it's free. The docs at are good too. I have a subscription to PacktPub through work which has loads of good books to read.

For learning JavaScript and an introduction to coding I'd recommend

I found the YouTube Channel TheNewBoston to be super helpful if you like video tutorials.

I guess part of it is deciding what you want to code and what tech stack to use. Are you trying to make websites, desktop apps, something else?

If you're into more advanced php coding and need to develop a modern codebase check out the Symfony framework

There's other tech stacks as well. Node.js with MongoDB, C# with ASP.NET Core & EF Core, Ruby with Ruby on Rails, and much much more. You'll have to figure out what best fits your needs.