Jinder's introduction


May 28, 2020
r00t3r@my-lonux-b0x:~$ whoami

I'am a student who has love for technology and infosec.
My age is 20 years.
I like hardware reverse engineering , blue teaming , Modding games , network security.
I'm not very knowledgeable user but willing to learn something new every day.

r00t3r@my-lonux-b0x:~$ cat programming.txt

My programming skills are lacking .At the movement learning low level langauges like ASM ,C so this will my stepping stone in reverse engineering .
I have very basic understanding in Bash, Powershell, Python. <h1> I have intermediate programming knowledge in HTML,CSS,JS,PHP </h1>

r00t3r@my-lonux-b0x:~$ cat myskills.txt

My biggest strength is Web application security
Web application pentesting.
Mobile security.
Linux administration.
Mobile security testing.
Microsoft server administrator.
Solving capture the flag and challenges.
basic understanding of cryptography.

r00t3r@my-lonux-b0x:~$ cat achievements.txt

I got my CEH ( certified ethical hacking ) and N+ cert when i was about 14 years.
ATM working on OSCP.
OSCP will be added to my list of achievement s00n lol.
Ranked Top 10 in Comptia pentest + CTF challenge
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