What masks do you wear?


Staff member
May 28, 2020
United States
If you are wearing a mask to avoid catching COVID-19 (Coronavirus) what type of mask are you wearing? I wear an N95 mask and have several KN95 masks as backup. The N95 masks while they filter 95% of particles are a bit more difficult to find and purchase (or you pay between $15 to $50 per mask meaning you need deep pockets to afford them) so the KN95s are a good alternative but not as tight of a fit so they're not my first choice.

I'm buying KN95s & Face Shields from https://honestppe.supply/collections/ppe-products/products/kn95-disposable-fda-ce and https://honestppe.supply/collections/ppe-products/products/face-shields

I'm buying N95s from a variety of sources as they're harder to source and you have to reward price gougers in most cases.

A bit of context on why I go the extra length to use N95+Faceshields is that I'm a T1 Diabetic and immunocompromised. As a result I get supersick easily and would be unable to fight COVID-19 on my own and would likely die from it. It's super important that I use lots of PPE whenever going out to protect myself from illnesses. The cloth masks are not going to filter enough to protect me so I have to go extra lengths there.

What about you? What type of mask do you wear?