YouTube Premium


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May 28, 2020
United States
For those who aren't aware YouTube Premium is an additional service by Google which allows YouTube to run "in the background" on your iPhone or Android device and removes the advertisements for you. I like being able to listen to YouTube specifically on my iPhone as it tends to have more of the music I like than Spotify or Apple Music does. (I'm super into Anime/Japanese music which there is less available on outside of YouTube). What are your thoughts on the YouTube Premium service and would you consider subscribing?

  • No advertisements
  • Removes background restrictions on smartphones and tablets
  • There is some exclusive TV Shows / Movies they offer. It's far from a Netflix replacement though.

  • The pricing is a bit high at $15.99/month given the few features they offer. If you are a student they drop it to $6.99/month after running a quick background check to verify you're actually a student (you provide your name, school name, and date of birth along with a student email address).
  • YouTube uses more data so you'll need to be on Wi-Fi or have an Unlimited Plan.
  • It tends to drain your battery quicker. Less when the screen is off.


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May 31, 2020
Had it for a couple of months thanks to a special Samsung offer. I would never pay for it but it was nice to not have to watch YouTube ads for a while especially now that they show 2 ads in a row sometimes.


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May 29, 2020
I've had YouTube premium for one month as a free trial and I cancelled the auto renewal subscription so I wasn't charged for future months. I would never pay $15.99 as the price is too expensive for the service that YouTube are offering to its customers. I'd much rather use Spotify or another cheaper alternative.